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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 24, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman and we've got the best videos from the web and the stories behind them "right this minute". cops at a hospital want to arrest a patient but end up grabbing a nurse. >> throwing her to the ground and arrestingher. >> th stningat center of a lawsuit. so this koala walked into a
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pub -- >> and went directly to the bar. >> and it's a showdown in the street over skate boarding. the turf war in a got down and dirty. >> you are [ bleep ] insane. >> and you may have seen her marching to her own beat. now meet the little girl behind the viral video hit. >> she does it every time she hear music. she just dance. >> yes! >> in this video on attend exclusively by wsbtv in atlanta, we're watching my lawrenceville police officers head to the summit ridge hospital because they're there to arrest a patient suspected of sexually assaulting another patient. but what you're about to see is something very different. the video out because of a lawsuit. you see the police throwing the nurse to the ground, arresting her. it looks like one of them hit
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her in the back. the officers said they were there to arrest a patient. according to the police report she said "not on my watch" and locked the nursing quarters. >> i have a responsibility to protect the patients on the unit, let me call my director. >> she said she handed the phone to a police officer and they said -- "we're fixing to bust a nurse." >> and then they used a taser. her attorney said this -- >> they did not have a right to use force against her when all she was trying to do was get permission to let them in. >> she does have some injuries but also face as felony charge of obstructing a police officer. >> it seems they could have done their job without such force. >> they did make the arrest they
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came there to make, did take away a patient for sexual assault charges. >> skateboarding is not a crime usually. but this guy thinks it is. >> you didn't do anything wrong. >> no, no, you drove that down the street! >> there's nothing wrong with it. >> it's against the [ bleep ] law! >> this guy is irate. apparently a guy said him and his friend were skateboarding down the street, nothing around 25 miles per hour when this guy came whipping around in his suburban, got out and started yelling. >> i understand that, that's cool, post it on the internet and leave me alone, maybe i'll get a sponsor. i did absolutely nothing wrong. >> now, is skateboarding in the street illegal? so looked it up. according to l.a. stay laws, no one can ride a skateboard on a
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street, highway or county road or alley in excess of a grade of 3%. it's hard to see if the grade was more than 3% or how fast they were going. >> i'm 100% in control of my movement. >> you're not in control. it's illegal! >> at this point it's a public street, they can be there. >> i think it makes people mad when you pull out the camera, it antagonizes people. >> the skaters do turn around and walk and that seems to satisfy this guy. >> are you guys ready for a pub crawl? >> always. like right now. >> you'll like who's going on this one with us. that is a koala. he wandered into the hotel and
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went directly to the bar. here's the interesting thing. when the koala went to the hotel, patrons didn't notice him walking through. he's on all fours. he crawled in. >> so not a pub crawl where you're bouncing from pub to pub. this is the one where you're literally crawling through the pub. >> people were running from this thing. it a koala bear. >> we jump over from australia to africa and watch what these elephants are doing. you think can you figure it out? >> are they fighting? >> looks like a trunk wrestle. like an arm wrestle but they're trunk wrestling. >> actually, they're fondling each other, being playful in the water in this park in south africa. i think it was beautiful.
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you got a trunk, you got to do something with it so why not play with each other. >> these guys are like, hey, i'll fondle your trunk if you are fondle mine. >> the guys over at funk 530 is posted this video. they're involved in a firefight with the taliban in afghanistan you see an m-43 gunner they use against the taliban. listen to this as they give each other directions. >> ooh! >> one of the bullets from the taliban goes right over these guys' heads and you can hear it. >> oh, my goodness. >> did you hear how close that was? it was right over. >> it almost feels like it ricochets off the camera. like it hits something close by. >> that's a physical and audible wave created by a bullet when it
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travels at superson ek speed. they are releasing some of this combat footage in an ongoing documentary of the war in afghanistan. >> and this is a day at work. you're having a bad day at your job? watch this. >> it's a youtube feud that all started when this guy towed this guy's cars. >> it turns out i was blocking someone's driveway by about this month. >> that's just not true. yourin tire damn car was entire driveway, joey. here's a picture. >> the story behind the towing trip. >> and a honda takes off. >> there's a little illusion there. >> see the video from every perspective. now that we're retired,
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we don't have time for stuff like laundry. we're too busy having fun. we get everything perfectly clean by tossing one of these in the wash. and that's it. i wanted to do that. oh, come on. eh, that's my favorite part. really? that's our tide. what's yours?
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really? [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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guy, we got ourselves a good old fashioned youtube spat going on between a guy named joey griseffa, a popular youtuber and previously on "the great race" and a comedian nate clark. here is why they're feuding. joey is leaving a friend's house and discovers his car is gone. >> i think my car was stolen.
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it's gone. >> in another video we find out it got towed. >> turns out i was blocking someone's driveway by that much. >> remember that clue. he also had choice words for the person who towed him. >> why don't you go to your car and lose some weight. >> nate clark towed the car. joey said it was this much. >> you don't know me and i didn't know you until a couple of days ago when you parked your car in my driveway. so i decided to film this video and refute some of the points you made in your video. point number one, you mentioned on being a little bit in front of our driveway. your entire damn car was blocking our entire damn driveway, joey. >> there's the picture.
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that's a little more than this. >> point two, you complain about the signage on the street. >> i don't know why it would be towed. there's no signs. >> we thought about putting a sign at the end of our driveway that said "please don't park at the end of our driveway identify "but we thought that would be insane. and you called it theft. >> why don't you get a skinnier car. >> you called me a shut for calling your car. >> little shuts these days. >> that's just not true, man. i just wanted to move my car because that's my right. >> nate had a number of points there for mr. joey in this youtube spat. if you're going to say who's winning this war right now -- >> this is going to work out great for both of them. >> bye. >> goodbye. >> expect to have your mind
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blown when you get a look at this. >> as you can see there, there's a little bit of illusionary going on there. this is a honda ad. this is an ad for the honda crv 1.6 diesel and honda made a short film of illusions for people to observe how it's not your standard honda anymore. >> i like how it looks like that guy's standing on that table and all it is is a matter of angles. >> perspective. it's like an usher painting come to life. >> my favorite one is this one. this guy's going in and out of a building. what's really cool is that honda also has a making of video so you can see the work that went into this. they shot this in spain.
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can you see all the paint and all the lines and all the work to make all those illusions possible. >> cool. >> you want to keep tabs on your 22-month-old this halloween? all you have to do is make this costume. >> that is awesome. that's an led babyalloween costue. it'sasit wired with led lights so it looks like the baby's a stick figure actually. it's brilliant because it's an adorable costume, it's incredibly creative but it would be incredibly safe. you don't have to put the glow sticks on your kid. >> a kid that age could be taking off for the house that has the full size candy bars. up got to keep tabs on them, like you said. it's just easy. >> they say their daughter loves this costume. right? glow in the dark stick figure. this isn't the first time the
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folks have featured these stick man glow in the dark suits. not too long ago they uploaded this video of some snowboarders. >> they don't even look real. it looks like a growing stick figure. >> led lights. they're just fun. >> creative. >> a love story takes a twist. >> suddenly things change just a bit. >> i like it because he surprised the unsurprisable girl. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come, hitting the beach for a little competition. >> see who gets burned. and some dudes lend a helping hand, umbrella in tow. >> this girl, she's not having any of it. >> i said don't follow me. >> all right, i won't. >> i'm not playing with you. >> creepy or courteous gesture? you decide.
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>> i'm going car. >> here we go. >> three, two, one. >> this video is to promote super car racing in australia, which is basically their version of nascar. >> did you hear that? "we got to slow jamie down." jamie is the guy in the race car, jamie wincuff. >> i win! >> car went a little too fast. >> they had to slow the car down so the plane could catch up to get the shot. >> according to the video, yes. >> i feel like the plane didn't get a fair start, he was in a loop loop-de-loop when the car started. >> but he was already going. >> that could be the new slogan,
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we're faster than planes. >> you want to know what i was like when i was 4 years old and in tap class? i was like this girl, marching to my own beat. ♪ ♪ >> now, the people shooting this video were randy and mallory burns. their girl is the girl right on the end on the right side. they're filming her but there's one little girl who stole the show. that little girl is jordan jones. ♪ ♪ >> jordan was just tap dancing to her own tune. >> she's awesome. she's so full of energy. she's like i'm sorry, there aren't enough moves in this dance you taught me so i'm going to add my own moves. >> as you can hear from the audience, they loved it. >> she's singing "broadway
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babies" from follies but she's stealing their hearts. >> this video has gone super viral because of the girl's performance. to tell us all about it, we have jordan jones via skype with her mom, jessica. jordan, why did you start doing your own moves? >> because i was dancing. >> mom, what were you thinking when this all was happening? >> i was just thinking she's doing her own thing. she does it every time she hearse moushears music. she just dance. >> did she eat a bunch of candy before going on stage? >> every day. >> what other type of thing does she do? she does ac ds en runs track? >> sometimes. >> sometimes? ♪ >> do you think jordan could show us some tap moves? >> sure.
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♪ ♪ broadway baby >> that's perfect! >> 'tis the season for tricks. >> he thought it was a good idea to dress up as a burglar and go to someone's
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a laptop can get really boring to look at. it's either silver or black or white. leave it to this artist in poland to show us how to make it a little more visually attractive. in this place he's using spray paint to just give it a little umph. >> does this damage the innards? >> no, because you should use masking tape around the laptop.
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and he uses a newspaper to give it a distressed look and uses the caps to create very perfect circles, splashes white paint. can you tell where this is going? he made it to -- >> oh, that's much cooler than i thought it was going to be when i was watching this. because i was watching this and thinking -- >> that is ugly. >> he then takes a permanent marker and starts drawing other linear images after that. this is the final product i think is really cool. >> here's a trick, kind of a prank, gone wrong, from the i'm liam lad. he decided it was a good idea to dress up as a burglar and go to someone's home. it looks as though he's also armed. >> trick or treat.
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>> he creeps closer to the door. yeah. >> of course, what a dummy. i can't think of a worse idea for a prank than this, unless this is a prank on us. >> that's the thing. my first thoughts watching us, i thought this was a setup -- >> although it sort of looks real. it would be the worst idea ever. >> who opens the door to a gunman and punches him out. >> it's more just a guy trying to make a viral video and get more subscribers. >> he did post this to his facebook page. he said check out this picture. this is a picture of my nose showing it didn't break. we can ask our facebook fans, is it real or fake? go to facebook.
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come/rightthisminute and leave us some comments. >> a few months ago i showed you this video of chris albright and ari howell and the residents were not happy about them. this time they're at it again but they've done something a little different. because of umbrella hopping, they're umbrella helping. they went out on an almost rainy day and discovered some people did not have their umbrellas up. they decided to give umbrella courier service. let's say it went better. >> i don't mind being wet. >> i don't mind be wet either but i don't want you to be wet. >> i'm fine. >> where are you going? >> i'm going to help you out. >> this went from sweet to kind of creepy. the guy obviously didn't want the umbrella. >> and there's somebody who is
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getting the guy's num good? >> yeah. >> you sure? >> yeah. >> you want to hang out sometime? >> sure. >> this girl, she's not having any of it. >> i said don't follow me. >> all right, i won't. >> i'm not playing with you, yo. >> in one guy's like i'll take an escort to the library. i don't mind. >> thanks, i'm walking to the library. >> you don't have to. >> no, i am. i made a commitment, i'm a man of my word. >> there was the creepiness factor for some of the ladies. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us, we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." >> looking good. a long boarder is hauling down a hill but -- >> here's what it looks like when it goes bad. >> how a slow slide led to one long recovery. mechanics start doing a service check. >> and look what they found in the engine bay. th


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